Individuals applying to New Man Ministry are required to go through an application and interview process. If incarcerated at the time of application a correctional CPO caseworker must set up a phone interview.  Upon approval, an interview will be conducted either by telephone or in person for those incarcerated. Non-incarcerated individuals will be interviewed briefly by phone to determine eligibility. If eligibility is determined by staff, a house tour will be scheduled. This gives the individual the opportunity to view the premises to determine if the program best suits the individual.


                                                                                  Financial Agreement

I understand that New Man  Ministry is here to provide support and accountability for me. I understand that missed program payments will put my residency in jeopardy.  Breaking this financial agreement can be an automatic discharge unless a special agreement has been made.


I agree to the following:

___ I understand that there is a $550.00 monthly (program fees for services rendered, and support) that must be paid on time.  Once a resident is behind in their fee, their actions or behavior (in some cases)are communicating that they may no longer wish to participate. At that time, the resident will be at risk of being discharged from the program.

___ Residents must give a (30) days notice that they are leaving in order to receive any outstanding funds,

___Unless a resident is on SSI, SSDI, or Unemployment, the resident must find employment to learn and practice a work-ethic for their personal financial well-being.