Alfredo Maldonado Founder



On the morning of July 12th 2005, I was five years into a nine year prison sentence. I had decided to give my life to Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior. I had reached my most darkest and desperate moment in time and Jesus seemed to be the only choice left for me. I didn't want to live any more and I was so tired of living in and out of prison all my life. By the time I was 43 years old I had accumulated over 27 years of my adult life in prison.  Once I made the commitment to turn my life over to Jesus my life was about to change for ever. 


I had spent most of my teenage years locked up in the Department of Youth Service and Foster Homes until I reached 17. Eventually  leading to House of Corrections then State Prison. Two years after giving my life to Jesus He gave me a vision of opening a house for men coming out of incarceration. Men who are broken and suffering with substance abuse, homelessness, spiritual bankruptcy and the turmoils in life. I myself have suffered from many of these issues.

At first I was reluctant to see this vision take place. Eventually through my obedience, the Lord provided  the means to pave the way for the vision.

Two years after my release on April 1st 2010, Opening Heaven's Door Ministry Inc. opened its doors.  A Faith Based Christ Centered Christian Home for men seeking healing through faith and the love of Christ. In the past 9 years we have welcomed over 500 men into our home. Leading them to Jesus has been our mission as well as providing them with a safe secure sober environment.